Decanted no. 1: Carvalhas, Tinto, 2011

Barbi: It has a blackberry taste to it, not tart though. And I probably shouldn’t do my nails while we taste the wine.

Carvalhas, Tinto, 2011

Chris: It’s not bad.

Barbi: Really?! That’s all you’ve got?

Chris: It’s smooth, not sticky.

Barbi: Okay, what else?

Chris: It’s smooth.

Barbi: Okay “Henry” (in reference to my 7 year-old son who describes things very simply as most kids do).

Chris: It smells good.

Barbi: What does it smell like?

Chris: It’s fruity but not sweet. It has a really nice finish that matches the wine itself. It doesn’t taste different.

Barbi: Do you notice anything outstanding about it?

Chris: Not really. It’s not sticky, it’s really smooth. It has a really nice color actually. It’s kind of pink inside, but that just may be because I’m staring at it in front of a laptop.

Barbi: LOL! Okay, what are your final words about it? Would you buy it again?

Chris: How much does this wine cost?

Barbi: $8.99

Chris: Yes! For this price I would definitely buy this again. It’s smooth like a pinot, but there’s not a lot of complexity to it. It’ s heavier for sure but a good solid wine.

Carvalhas, Tinto, 2011
Carvalhas, Tinto, 2011
  • Producer:  Carvalhas
  • Region: Douro, Portugal
  • Vintage: 2011
  • Varietal: Tinto
  • Grapes: 40% Tougiga Nacional, 40% Tinto Roriz, 20% Tougiga Franca
  • Store: Total Wine
  • Cost: US$8.99
  • Where tasted:  Home
  • When tasted: May 6, 2014 – 9pm
  • Who tasted:  Barbi, Chris
  • Food:  None
  • Music: Spotify – Jazz Radio