The Decanted Couple

Wine connoisseurs? Chris: Yes. Barbi: No, not really. Well we really like wine, so does that make us connoisseurs? I don’t think we are, maybe, but definitely not sommeliers!

Wine drinkers?  Chris: Does the day end in “Y”? Barbi: Yes… and yes, yes it does.

Winos?  Chris: Yep! Barbi: Well describe “wino.” What exactly does that mean?

Well, regardless of she said, he said, we’re two self-described wine aficionados (well we really like a lot of wine!) tasting, sampling, dissecting, discussing and debating one delicious subject, so come join us and let us know what you find delicious!

The Decanted Couple
Your Decanted Couple, Barbi & Chris.

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