Decanted no. 3 Mollydooker, “The Boxer” Shiraz 2012

Mollydooker, "The Boxer" Shiraz 2012

C: Should I cleanse my palette with Layer Cake?

B: Buhahaha.

C: Did you shake it?

B: What the what?? Shake it?? No I didn’t shake it – I decanted it.Mollydooker, "The Boxer" Shiraz 2012

C: It says you’re supposed to shake it. It’s as if you don’t read directions.

B: I don’t, well at least I don’t with wine…

C: “To enjoy this wine at it’s best, do the ‘Mollydooker Shake'”

* see video below *
Ohhh it does get foamy!

B: Well I’ll be damned!

C: It’s heavier than I expected but maybe that’s just the nitrogen that didn’t get released. Hey we should get a bottle for Kristi; Mollydooker is Aussie for left-hander.

B: Oh yes we should. And I also think that since Emily recommended it to us SHE should be the one to do the Mollydooker Shake on video and she can be the one in front of the camera this time!

C: It is peppery, earthy. I like it. It’s the best of the three we’ve tasted so far.

B: I can taste licorice in here. It is kind of plummy too. I also taste vanilla, which I love but is kind of unusual in reds I think.

C: What food do you think this would go well with? Not something sweet. It’s kind of sweet, no not sweet. It’s kind of rich, I wouldn’t want something rich. It’s already got, I was going to say it’s got balls, but that doesn’t sound right.

B: LOL! Yes it does. Have you ever heard anyone use that as a descriptor for wine? And yes, it does have balls!

C: You wouldn’t want to pair this with fudge, unless you were going really decadent. Vanilla ice cream if you were doing dessert. Definitely a steak. This is a steak kind of wine, not a chicken kind of wine.

C: We should add a new category to our list, temperature.

B: Temperature of the room or temperature of the wine?

C: Well room temperature since we don’t have a wine fridge. I’d say it’s about 85 degrees in here. It’s room temperature, 85 degrees.

B: That’s too hot for a wine!

C: I agree, but since you like to have the doors open when it’s 100 degrees outside, that’s the temperature of our room temperature wine.

B: Well then 85 degrees is perfect for this wine… 😉

C: Theres almost a curry flavor to it, but maybe that’s the  onion from earlier.

B: No that’s just the heat from the room temperature you’re tasting and the music’s like a smooth sexy mix to go with our smooth sexy wine.Mollydooker, "The Boxer" Shiraz 2012

  • Producer: Mollydooker
  • Region: South Australia
  • Vintage: 2012
  • Varietal: Shiraz
  • Store: Gift
  • Cost: Unknown; ~ $20
  • Where tasted:  Home
  • When tasted: May 13, 2014 – 6pm
  • Who tasted:  Barbi, Chris
  • Food:  Unknown ~ or more likely can’t remember.
  • Music: Not so much music as much a live-blogging 7 year old.





Decanted no. 2: Cosentino Zinfandel “The Zin” 2012

Cosentino "The Zin" 2012
Cosentino “The Zin” 2012

B: So how do you know what you like?

C: I know what tastes good in my mouth and this one is a little sweet, a little syrupy. The viscosity is… mhht, mhht, it’s sticky.

B: You make it sound yummy. Hmmm…  ummm, ooh, I taste molasses, that’s it!

C: So you’re saying this would go well with waffles?

B: Yes! Yes it would!

C: I might have to try this with breakfast sometime. One of the first “morning” wines.

B: That’s funny! Now there’s a wine for every meal. Oh wait, I know what will go great with this!!

C: What? You’re not making waffles now are you??

B: No, but I know the perfect thing that will go with it!

*note – Barbi had to wrestle one of the Mother’s Iced Oatmeal cookies from the ever sneaky husky, Besti! No humans were harmed in the sampling of this wine (or cookies!).


Cosentino "The Zin" 2012
Cosentino “The Zin” 2012
  • Producer:  Cosentino
  • Region: Lodi, CA
  • Vintage: 2012
  • Varietal: Zinfandel
  • Grapes: 100% Zinfandel
  • Store: Total Wine
  • Cost: US$14.99
  • Where tasted:  Home
  • When tasted: May 7, 2014 – 6pm
  • Who tasted:  Barbi, Chris
  • Food:  Mother’s Iced Oatmeal cookies
  • Music: Spotify – Chill Radio

How do you pronounce Gewürztraminer anyway?

One of my favorite parts of enjoying a glass bottle of wine is that it can come from nearly any corner of the globe, from a local winery, a mass producer or a small family winery on the other side of the world.  It is exciting to think about visiting each winery, experiencing the culture, meeting the people, feeling the place where this particular wine was created.

Of course, this international component also presents a challenge, especially for those like me that have no ability to learn any foreign language at all.  Many languages, many regions, so how does one pronounce Gewürztraminer anyway?  For the linguistically gifted this is probably nothing but a quick learning experience.  However, for those of us that are a bit more challenged in the languages, the following link will be of use, either to quench your thirst for knowledge, or just to impress your friends.

How to Pronounce Wine Names:

As for Gewürztraminer?  geh VAIRTZ trah mee ner



Decanted no. 1: Carvalhas, Tinto, 2011

Barbi: It has a blackberry taste to it, not tart though. And I probably shouldn’t do my nails while we taste the wine.

Carvalhas, Tinto, 2011

Chris: It’s not bad.

Barbi: Really?! That’s all you’ve got?

Chris: It’s smooth, not sticky.

Barbi: Okay, what else?

Chris: It’s smooth.

Barbi: Okay “Henry” (in reference to my 7 year-old son who describes things very simply as most kids do).

Chris: It smells good.

Barbi: What does it smell like?

Chris: It’s fruity but not sweet. It has a really nice finish that matches the wine itself. It doesn’t taste different.

Barbi: Do you notice anything outstanding about it?

Chris: Not really. It’s not sticky, it’s really smooth. It has a really nice color actually. It’s kind of pink inside, but that just may be because I’m staring at it in front of a laptop.

Barbi: LOL! Okay, what are your final words about it? Would you buy it again?

Chris: How much does this wine cost?

Barbi: $8.99

Chris: Yes! For this price I would definitely buy this again. It’s smooth like a pinot, but there’s not a lot of complexity to it. It’ s heavier for sure but a good solid wine.

Carvalhas, Tinto, 2011
Carvalhas, Tinto, 2011
  • Producer:  Carvalhas
  • Region: Douro, Portugal
  • Vintage: 2011
  • Varietal: Tinto
  • Grapes: 40% Tougiga Nacional, 40% Tinto Roriz, 20% Tougiga Franca
  • Store: Total Wine
  • Cost: US$8.99
  • Where tasted:  Home
  • When tasted: May 6, 2014 – 9pm
  • Who tasted:  Barbi, Chris
  • Food:  None
  • Music: Spotify – Jazz Radio